Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

Located at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, Harper’s Ferry offers majestic views and the opportunity to time travel to 19th century America. You’ve probably heard of this quaint town before, long ago during History class as it played an important part in American History. The town was first made famous as the starting point of Lewis and Clarke’s cross country expedition. Man years later Harper’s Ferry was the site of John Brown’s famous raid to seize the arsenal in town to start an armed slave revolt. The failed raid is often highlighted as one of the catalytic events to the Civil War. During the Civil War, Harper’s Ferry was overtaken by both the Union and Confederates more than six times in four years. This is no surprise as Harper’s Ferry has an advantageous location on the border of three states: West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia.

Today, Harper’s Ferry offers visitors the chance to explore not only the historic town, but the stunning scenery as well. Thomas Jefferson even noted the scenic views of the area saying it was, “a beautiful spot that it was worth a trip across the Atlantic”. The area has three national parks; Harper’s Ferry National Park, the Chesapeake and Ohio National Park and the Appalachian National Park.  During my visit to the town, I saw many hikers of the Appalachian Trial, as the trial goes right through middle of town.

After a day of hiking, Harper’s Ferry has many options for food. My friend and I opted for The Town’s Inn. Located in the heart of town, the Inn offers guests lodging and homemade food in a 19th-century house. I chose pan-fried burger (recreated here!) and homemade apple cider (I’ve never tasted anything that good since) and the total price was under $20. Rates for the Inn are no higher than $200/night.


The picturesque town would make a great two-day trip, perfect for a weekend getaway. If you decide to visit, wait until late Fall as the leaves are changing and you’ll understand what Jefferson was talking about.

The Town’s Inn

179 High Street

Harper’s Ferry, WV 25425

Phone: (304) 932-0677



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