Lancaster, PA- Katie’s Kitchen

When I talk to people who aren’t from Pennsylvania, I’m usually really entertained. A majority of the time they know about the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and occasionally people will tell me about the Amish that live somewhere in the middle of the state. People’s opinions of the Amish are usually really interesting to hear as well. Some people think they’re a cult, while others think they are kindest, religious group in the world. Oftentimes they’re fascinated with the Amish’s unique beliefs to the point they need to visit Lancaster to witness their peculiarity themselves.

Here’s the thing, growing up beside the Amish has given me a unique perspective on them. Whereas outsiders find their no technology rule archaic, I find it hard to explain. The Amish are more selective with the technology the use and are cognizant of its effects on their society. For example, they famously use a horse-and-buggy instead of an actual car because they believe it will weaken the ties of their small community. I grew up learning to drive with the Amish, so the novelty of seeing them on the road has long worn off and they’re simply just another driver on the road. I could go on for ages with a list of idiosyncrasies regarding Amish culture. But I am going to narrow it down to one that pertains to this blog—Amish food.

Growing up, I lived about 20 minutes from an Amish market, meaning I had access to some really good food. The thing about Amish food is that it tastes great, but more times than not, it’s not good for you. For example, when researching recipes to make, I found a great deal of them require a pound of butter. There are some staples though, that every now and then I get a craving for, like Amish potato salad or chicken with gravy over waffles (it sounds weird, but it is amazing!).

Recently, I was talking with a good friend of mine who has family in southern Lancaster. I mentioned that I was craving Amish food and she recommended Katie’s Kitchen. Located right down the road from Lancaster’s Sight and Sound theatre, I was surprised that I had never heard of it before. I decided to check it out.


What surprised me most was that on a Friday night, it was packed. When I arrived, my friend and I got one of the only two tables left in the restaurant. Katie’s Kitchen has a diner feel to it. The servers are the nicest I’ve ever met and are really accommodating.
I ordered the Grilled Chicken over Stuffing Platter while my friend ordered hamburger soup as an appetizer and the Hot Slow Roasted Turkey Platter as her entrée.

DSC_0659 DSC_0658DSC_0660The portions were very generous, especially for the price. We were served within 10 minutes of ordering our food, even with the packed restaurant, and were not disappointed.

A highlight of the restaurant, at least for me, was the complimentary rolls with peanut butter that they served. The peanut butter they served was honestly the BEST peanut butter in the entire world, hands down. The stuff you buy at the store doesn’t even come close.

Whether you live in Lancaster or are just visiting or passing through, I highly recommend checking out Katie’s Kitchen.


Katie’s Kitchen

200 Hartman Bridge Road

Ronks, PA 17572



Monday – Saturday

7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.




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