American Burger with Tomato Salad

American Burger When I went to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, I had a really good homemade, pan-fried burger. I decided to recreate the burger and add one of my absolute favorite burger toppings, avocado, and opt for tomatoes instead of french fries. The basis of my recipe came from CHOW. I cut recipe to a single serving and added my own types of seasonings. Ingredients … Continue reading American Burger with Tomato Salad

Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

Located at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, Harper’s Ferry offers majestic views and the opportunity to time travel to 19th century America. You’ve probably heard of this quaint town before, long ago during History class as it played an important part in American History. The town was first made famous as the starting point of Lewis and Clarke’s cross country expedition. Man … Continue reading Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

National Harbor, Maryland

Last week I went on a spontaneous trip to National Harbor, MD. As someone who frequently passes by National Harbor on trips that have me driving on 495, I’ve always been interested in the place. Originally I thought it was a carnival in town for a few days, but soon realized the giant observation wheel was in fact one of the harbor’s trademark features. National … Continue reading National Harbor, Maryland


“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” –Albert Einstein Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been curious. My mom, who was often irritated of my never ending questions, would silence me with the familiar phrase, “Curiosity killed the cat.” Much to her chagrin, her warning never did stick. School soon pacified my curiosity by quenching, what I realized, was a … Continue reading Welcome!